University of Nottingham

University Colleges and Facilities
(Nottingham, England)

The university of Nottingham is divided into six faculties. Each faculty is further divided into schools and institutes. The five faculties are:
  • Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Social Sciences, Law and Education
  • Faculty of Agricultural Science

Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts focuses on cultural studies, particularly topics on North American and European culture. It also teaches history, language, and literature.

Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering offers courses on civil, mechanical, chemical, electronic, and environmental engineering.

Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

This faculty trains students in medicine and medical professions such as nursing, community health, and veterinary medicine.

Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science is divided into eight schools and offers courses in mathematics, chemistry, biology, and many of the preliminary courses included in the medical degree tracks.

Faculty of Social Sciences, Law and Education

This faculty is the largest in the University, consisting of ten schools. It is also one of the most diverse, offering courses in politics, business, law, social work, education, urban planning, and even genetics.

Faculty of Agricultural Science

This faculty includes the division of agricultural and environmental sciences, which offers a diverse selection of research facilities and is located at the Sutton Bonnington campus.

Nottingham University

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