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About Nottingham, Guide and Top Tourist Attractions
(Nottingham, England)

Nottingham, situated on the River Trent banks, is a historic but very contemporary city hat offers a wide range of attractions. The city mixes modern high-end shopping amenities with the Nottingham caste and other historic landmarks such as the Lace Market, which was once the center of England's lace manufacturing industry, and is now a unique cultural centre complete with cafés, shops, and bars.

What to do in Nottingham

Nottingham has several art galleries, showcasing art by local and international artists. Some of the contemporary galleries are famous for their unique displays and themes. The Harley Art Gallery, for instance, has regular exhibits of artisan crafts, often with the creators themselves giving demonstrations on creating each piece. Open-air Shakespeare performances and music festivals are often held in the city's parks. October is especially exciting - the popular Robin Hood Pageant is held.

The city is also famous for its lively nightlife, with many clubs and bars easily accessible from the city centre. Most of the bars serve the large student population. Popular evening destinations include the Lace Market, the Waterfront, and the Corner House.

Shopping and dining in the city are always rewarding, with its thriving shopping culture and many well-known fine dining restaurants. Nottingham is considered one of the major shopping centres in England, next only to London in Birmingham. The Victoria and Broadmarsh Shopping Centres are especially popular.

Nottingham is also great for tourists who want to explore the Midlands countryside. The city is just a short drive away from the Peak District National Park, which is among the best hiking spots in the UK. The city is also near the historic Sherwood Forest, where Robin Hood - one of Nottingham's most famous figure - once lived.

Tourist Attractions

One of Nottingham's highlights is the Nottingham Castle on Maid Marian Way. Standing atop a fortress of ancient 130-foot cliffs, it stands in stark contrast with its modern neighbour, the Inland Revenue office. The castle is surrounded by sprawling green courtyards and features several underground caves.

For something more contemporary, tourists can visit the City of Caves in the Broadmarsh Shopping Centre. This maze of manmade caves occupies the spot of the original Anglo-Saxon dwellings and offers visitors a taste of Nottingham's history, with realistic displays of real cavemen, medieval tanneries, and Victorian marsh slums.

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